Friday, September 23, 2005

Word, Dude

Free Tips To All Potential Bilkers of My Money: If you want me to take you seriously, try using Spell Check. Remember when to capitalize, and when reading back your message, it SHOULD NOT sound like English as a third language. Oh, and you might not want to use the word "scheme" anywhere in the message.

esther adams to me
More options 5:35 pm (2½ hours ago)

The management and board of bank of scotland have decide to give you an offer to be a representative of the bank in your Catchment area.
As a representative to BOS, you are required to represent BOS in your catchment area where you will be required to recieve check and cash it on behalf of bank of scotland.
These check will be coming from our numerous customers(both old and new) who are into transaction with us particularly(student scholarship education scheme) as these customers have no means of wire transfering the cash to us directly.
Though this offer is based on percentage charge as 10% of the check cashed on very transaction shall be yours while the balance sent to bank of scotland.
If you are intrested please do reply.
Esther Adams
Director of structurally Finance
Bank of Scotland

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