Monday, August 29, 2005

Peppermint Pattie

At the risk of sounding like the Home Shoppers network, I thought I would pass along my exciting find in the haircare aisles:

I am enamoured of this great shampoo on the shelves at my local Central Market. While my defunct smelling gene is not appreciative of the delicious peppermint scent, the thick lather gives that freshly kapowed-with-a-snowball feeling to my scalp. With summer temperatures in the triple digits lately, it is a welcome respite from the heat - just minutes away in your own shower! ( I would attempt a snow angel with the suds, but the shower stall in the master bath is claustrophobically too tiny. Master bath...that label bears some scrutiny - tad bit outdated, doncha think?)

But beware, it might not be a great shampoo for dry or color-processed hair as it is a deep cleansing product.

Has a matching conditioning product, too!

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