Monday, August 22, 2005

The Lamp Has Central Air

August is hotter than Hades in Texas and I am trying to find Muse, who refuses to come out of the lamp and share any real pearls of wisdom today. So, how about a tour of my dining room?

Stained glass pieces were designed and crafted by El Artista de la casa, Kman. The wrought iron star we bought at First Monday Trade Days in Weatherford. El Artista stained it in a "rust" finish, hung it on the dining room wall outfitted with a low wattage bulb for backlight. These pics don't do the stained glass art justice. They are so pretty hanging in our dining room window.

(*the pics are a little slow to load, be patient)

This cross wouldn't fully fit within the camera screen and still show the lovely colors which when viewed with sunlight as a light source is just beautiful.

Mosaic on an old window frame and glass we salvaged from Kman's grandfather's home place.

My Texas flag piece - the deep blue surrounding the star doesn't show up in this shot.

The trade days star light

Pattie's attempt at a mosaic cross - the center is wrapped with an old piece of barbed wire - El Artista humors me...

My new cowboy placemats courtesy of Third Daughter - I love 'em.

Picture frame made from old fencing and red stain

Picture frame with a denim border - recycled jeans are tres chic, no?

Maybe tomorrow I'll photo the spare bedroom's redo in a mission theme...

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