Monday, August 08, 2005

It's My Life And I'll Do What I Want

Kman is sitting next to me on the other computer playing old music of the 60's. One of our favorites of the era is this guy. Suddenly, I am in a different mindset. Listening to the music of our youth and remembering places long, long ago... Kman and I have a lot of shared memories from our junior high days and on through high school, we get caught up in "remember when" quite often. (Right now it's "Sky Pilot" we're listening to. The link has some great trivia facts, go see.)

Any readers of TT attend this festival? I wanted to, but I was a VERY young teen...


The people came and listened
Some of them came and played
Others gave flowers away, yes they did
Down in Monterey
Down in Monterey
Young Gods smiled upon the crowd
Their music being born of love
Children danced night and day
Religion was being born
Down in Monterey

The Birds and the Airplane did fly
Oh, Ravi Shankar’s music made me cry
The Who exploded into fire and light
Hugh Masakela’s music was black as night
The Grateful Dead blew everybodies mind
Jimi Hendrix baby,believe me, set the world on fire, yeah
His Majesty, Prince Jones, smiled as he moved among the crowd
Ten thousand electric guitars were grooving real loud, yeah

You want to find the truth in life
Don’t pass music by
and you know I would not lie, no I would not lie,
No, I would not lie
Down in Monterey

Three days of understanding of moving with one another
Even the cops grooved with us
Do you believe me, yeah?
Down in Monterey

I think that maybe I’m dreaming
Down in monterey
Did you hear what I said?

What music from this era speaks personally to you?

On another evening musical note, the Fool has some very rockin' mp3 files of a new NYC band, "Soft". Go take a gander of their good licks.

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