Friday, July 08, 2005

Me Own Piece of Eight

I have this wonderful Irish band as new music files, and I love to don my earphones and belt away like a drunken sailor to the ditty "Barrett's Privateers". (scroll down and find the mp3, grab a pint of ale and sing along with me.) Here's a great history of the life of privateering. Arrgh, me mateys.

All to get me in the mood to read a new Amazon purchase.

If you really like the pirate's life, then try joining up with this jolly crew. Learn something at the same time. Tell Tank and JohnBear that Pattie sent you with her Letter of Marque, Buccaneers. Very knowledgeable sailors, they be. Who isn't intrigued by a 210 year old mystery? Be sure to visit the Spyglass Inn.

I'm off to man the capstan, then raise the Blackjack and catch a good breeze back to Sherbrooke.

How about these boots? Just the ticket, my pretty!

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