Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hither and Thither

Been trying to get my groove on to write something witty, or funny, or just downright readable. I feel like an internet tourist, the bad kind of campy sightseer who drives out of her way to see the biggest ball of aluminum foil in the world:

I must be among the last to know about this guy: Dr. Mysterian Predicts and his companion blog, The Essential Ghoul's Record Shelf.

Ever wonder just what DID happen to Ambrose Bierce? Just ask Mr. Lienart. And then mosey over to the main site of Don Swaim's here for more Bierce enlightenment.

In the mood for some really strange mp3's? Try Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn.

On another musical note, did you know that the name of David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" character was inspired by this Lubbock, Texas native son? Listen to some tracks here. Thanks to Warren at Rummage Through the Crevices for this great bit of musical trivia.

Since it is nearly 11 PM, I better pull off the road and find a suitable motel on this side of Route 66. The yellow lines are beginning to blur...

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