Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Pattie's 15 Minutes of Fame

This morning I was a guest of Jim Lago on his Corpus Christi radio program. It was great fun and Jim was a most gracious host. Didn't stump the history buff, except for question #9.

Here is the quiz again for everyone:

Just fer grins (no prizes, just count enlightenment as an added bonus):

1. Prior to 9/11, what person(s) led the only enemy mainland invasion during the 20th century of the US and when?
2. Name the man who has been a governor of Tennesee, Govenor of Texas and President of Texas.
3. What Texas Band were one-hit wonders with the tune “I Shot The Law", and extra points for naming their home base.
4. What do all the following have in common: cow’s tongue, red goblet, flapjack, twisted rib, and horse crippler?
5. First mixed up by Charles Alderton, a Waco Pharmacist. Name that concoction.
6. What ranch once covered 3,050, 000 acres when first established?
7. What is the Texas State Motto?
8. What do the colors of the state flag stand for?
9. Who lives at Toad Hall?
10. Who is the Crown Prince of Luckenbach?

This was originally posted at Texas Blogs, and don't read the comments at that site if you want to try your own Texas history skills.

As Jim pointed out, I have not posted answers to the above, but I promise to do so by this evening. So, if you wanna play, let's rock and roll!

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