Thursday, May 19, 2005

New Musical Game

I know this will appeal only to those readers past a certain age (my own bracket which marks half a century), but I wonder how hard it is to identify a song with just one line of lyric to go by? Eric plays a similar game using song snips for identification - a harder thing to do than you might think.

No Googling please unless you just have to cheat...

Song One: Dateline 1969:

"...mystic crystal revelations"

(Yes, Nina I was thinking of this song when I commented today *grin*.)

Song Two: Dateline 1967

"If you'll hold my hand we'll chase your dream across the sky"

Hint: Both lyrics by same musical group

UPDATE: Both lyrics are from The Fifth Dimension, Song one is indeed "Aquarius", and Song two is "Up, Up and Away" ( in my beautiful balloon).

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