Monday, March 21, 2005

Life's Nagging Little Questions

The news today is about the life ( or non-life, depending on your viewpoint) of a woman whose poker hand was dealt long ago and the chips have yet to be cashed in. Terri Schiavo has become blog fodder, six o'clock news commentary and a Capitol Hill pawn. Everyone has an opinion and a secret hope they never have to personally explore such profundity. Seems mankind has a whole pasture full of knowledge these days, but less wisdom than it takes to pour piss out of a boot. Science can keep a human body alive for years on end, does that mean it should?

As Ronni discusses today in her blogpost, legacy is what our lives might be about. She gives linkage to Jill and her blog, Legacy Matters. Speaking of legacy, Kimberly's personal loss brings home this topic very poignantly.

Although I don't know Mrs. Schiavo, I would imagine she would never have chosen this media circus to be her legacy. To this extent, her husband's decision is a humane one. On the other hand, as a parent, I fully commiserate with the poor lady's parents and their wish to keep Terri with them, however selfish and delusional that thinking may be. Tod reminds us that "It's really going to take the wisdom of Solomon to decide this one." Even Solomon might find this judgement a tough call.